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A wide range of high quality products

ABO Valve offers industrial high quality products that cover butterfly valves for general and specific use, including high performance double and triple eccentric valves, knife gate valves, ball valves as well as safety valves for the most demanding applications.

The manufacturer focuses on quality and innovation. Their valves have obtained several different European and international certificates (like TUV, GOST R, Lloyd's Register, ABS, DVGW or API 609-0068). Their production sites are ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees the high quality and durability of their products, as well as the respect of safety regulations.

500 Series butterfly valves

ABO Valve's Series 500 butterfly valves have undoubtedly made the brand famous. These bubble-tight, bi-directional, concentric butterfly valves with PTFE seals are offered for very clean manufacturing environments and are used in various industries such as pure industrial water treatment, chemical industry (acids, alkalis), pharmaceutical/sanitary, food and beverage, paper industry, pulp processing, corrosive, toxic and caustic environments, chlorine production, dye manufacturing and processing, etc.

These valves have a concentric design with a 3 mm PTFE lined disc. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally. They are completely sealed in the closed position and are suitable as shut-off and control valves.

Its advantages :

  • the tightness of the actuating stem prevents fluid leakage into the environment,
  • the elongated neck provides pipe insulation and easy access for actuator assembly,
  • PTFE-impregnated steel bearings provide accurate support for the stem and pivot,
  • the ISO 5211 compliant top flange allows variable control with different types of actuators.

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One of the largest European valve manufacturers

ABO Valve was founded in 1993 as a subsidiary of the Czech company Siwatec. With a history of more than 25 years, they are currently one of the largest European manufacturers of shut-off and control valves for industrial applications.

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