Actreg Actuators

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Actreg, the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of actuators

Actreg Actuators provides global coverage through the strategic location of its factories, offices and dealers. International distribution ensures quick availability and, more importantly, personalized service for valve manufacturers, stockists and contractors.

Designed and built to withstand most applications and environmental conditions, precision design and quality ensure long and safe operational performance in valve control. Actreg has invested in quality assurance, advanced machining and testing facilities to help customers safely control their processes.

The ADA and ASR quarter-turn actuators

Actreg 1/4 turn actuators are divided into two main categories:

  • the ASR series, which includes single-acting actuators
  • the ADA series, which includes double acting actuators 

All actuators manufactured by Actreg are individually tested in state-of-the-art electronic testing facilities. Tests are performed for internal and external leakage, angle of rotation and torque values. All bodies are stamped with the year, month of production, size and serial number to maintain optimal tracking of each product.

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Actreg, leader in pneumatic actuators

Founded in 1992, Actreg is a multinational company specializing in the manufacture and sale of high-quality actuators for valves requiring quarter-turn rotary motion for on-off or modulating use. Located in Spain, the company had already manufactured over 150,000 actuators by 2015. The expertise and know-how have made Actreg a leader in actuation technology.

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