Airnet Piping System

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AIRnet, the leading manufacturer of piping systems

Designed in accordance with EN 13480-3, AIRnet is a reusable aluminum piping system that provides a fast, easy and reliable distribution network for compressed air, nitrogen and vacuum.

AIRnet's innovative technologies and solutions are based on the technical expertise gained by the parent company Atlas Copco during more than 140 years of experience in compressed air applications and equipment.

Aluminum Piping Systems for Industrial Performance

Corrosion resistant, lightweight and easy to handle, aluminum is the industry standard for complete compressed air piping systems today. Airnet aluminum piping technology is easy, safe and quick to install compared to traditional welded and threaded systems.

Material and product design, installation and maintenance costs, you know that these elements influence the total cost and efficiency level of your production. If you are looking for a system that is efficient, adaptable to any site and designed to save you money, AIRnet will prove to be the best investment choice.

The AIRnet system is designed with leak-proof fittings that prevent flow and energy loss. Non-corrosive aluminum tubing and full bore fittings ensure a smooth and durable flow throughout the system. Frictional losses are reduced to a minimum.

As for potential energy waste (and the resulting costs), it is important to ensure that your piping system is properly sized, leak-free and maintains pressure. In this regard, AIRnet is an aluminum piping system that can be sized and planned to provide the desired pressure for a variety of high performance applications.

As a durable, non-corrosive system, AIRnet does not affect the quality of the gas being transported, minimizing maintenance costs as well as the costs associated with protecting equipment, processes and downstream applications.

Powerful, customizable, economical, AIRnet is the ideal industrial solution for your compressed air systems!

The advantages of AIRnet aluminum piping systems

AIRnet aluminum piping systems are complete modular systems. They can be completely modified to meet your specific industrial requirements - from calculation to design to installation.

You can count on compressed air flow with :

  • ISO 8573-1 certification (aluminum certified 1:2:0)
  • A leak-free system from compressor to application (adapted seals)
  • Lowest possible pressure drop (low internal friction)
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to install Quickdrops, both horizontally and vertically
  • Interchangeable and reusable components after disassembly
  • 10 year warranty on AIRnet fittings and aluminum tubing
  • Decades of performance (high quality production and strict quality control)

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AIRnet, an Atlas Copco product

Founded in 1873, Atlas Copco is a Swedish company that has been developing compressed air equipment for over 70 years. Today, more than 150 employees are at the service of customers throughout Belgium.

The company is a reference in the sector, with leading positions in the field of compressors, tools, piping, vacuum pumps and construction equipment, but also in many other fields. The group has customers in more than 180 countries and employs about 40,000 people worldwide.

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