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Asco Numatics, innovative automation solutions

Since many years, Meca-Fluid is the official dealer of Asco Numatics and has the largest stock of products in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Fluid automation tested to meet your demands

Asco offers a wide range of fluid control solutions that integrate with hundreds of industrial, analytical and medical processes. The company offers more than 50,000 precision engineered valves and solenoid valves.

In partnership with Asco, Meca-Fluid optimises its customers' processes and leads them towards an essential digital transformation. In addition, through fast deliveries and quality consulting, we significantly reduce our customers' downtime.

In 2013, the Emerson Group was recognised as a leader in IDC's global market research. With its many represented brands, the Emerson Group (consisting of Asco Numatics and Aventics, among others) offers innovative products, reliable, efficient and quality solutions as well as a tailor-made service.

The 290 Series, pressure operated piston valve

The Asco Numatics 290 Series is a direct pressure operated angle seat valve. The design allows for high flow rates due to the construction of the valve body, which is available in bronze or stainless steel. The valve is suitable for general service applications but also for the food industry.

Some options can also be added on request, such as an electrical/visual position indicator and a stroke limiter.

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Series 210 solenoid valves

The ASCO Numatics 210 Series solenoid valves are economical and high flow. They are suitable for use with liquids, corrosive media, air and neutral gases. Asco offers a wide range of pressure ratings, sizes and resilient materials as well as ultra-reliable 2-way solenoid valves with long service life and low internal leakage.

Industrial applications include: car wash equipment, air compressors, pumps, laundry equipment and industrial water control.

Discover our wide range of Series 210 solenoid valves.

Cleaning valves Series 353

The Asco Numatics 353 series of dust filter valves are pneumatically or electrically operated diaphragm valves (solenoid valves). These valves are specifically designed to provide an extremely fast pulse in reverse air jet cleaning systems.

These valves provide highly efficient dust filtering due to their high flow rate and fast opening and closing.

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Emerson is an American company founded in 1890 in St. Louis, Missouri. Initially the company manufactured electric motors and fans but over the last 100 years they have grown from a regional manufacturer to a global technology solutions giant.

In 1990, ASCO Numatics was born. This brand of the Emerson Group offers a wide range of fluid control and solutions that integrate with industrial, analytical and medical processes. They offer quality service, and even offer to create the right product for your needs if it is not in the catalogue (which includes valves, solenoid valves, air treatment units and Sentronic precision proportional pressure valves...)

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