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Beko Technologies, synonymous of performance

For almost four decades, the name Beko has stood for efficient compressed air, compressed gas and condensate technology that has proven itself worldwide. For products, systems and solutions that guarantee the required quality in production processes and make them more energy efficient.

Beko Technologies has been a family-owned and independent company from the very beginning. This status influences the management of the company enormously. In the development of products and solutions, the company attaches great importance to the use of material, energy efficiency, limited waste production. Real novel features and customer-oriented innovations make Beko Technologies the technological leader not only in products, but also in complete system solutions.

Bekomat, the electronically controlled condensate drain

Condensate occurs at almost every stage of the compressed air treatment process. In most cases, it is oily and contaminated with dirt particles and spreads throughout the entire compressed air network.

Thanks to its integrated capacitive sensor, the Bekomat purges the produced condensate without any loss of compressed air, thus saving energy costs and avoiding CO2 emissions. In the standard version, aluminium with excellent corrosion resistance guarantees the reliability and robustness of the Bekomat. World-renowned compressor manufacturers choose the Bekomat when it comes to a highly reliable and economical condensate drain.

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Qwik pure, the first active oil-water separator

Whereas conventional oil-water separators work on the principle of gravity, and condensate passes very slowly through the filter medium, the Qwik pure actively pushes condensate through the pre-filter and main filter by gentle pulses of compressed air. As a result, the cartridge is permanently filled with liquid, preventing any drying out or the formation of an impermeable layer. On the other hand, there are virtually no bacteriological cultures for operators or maintenance personnel to come into contact with.

What's more, thanks to its hermetically sealed construction, neither the user nor maintenance personnel come into contact with the substances absorbed inside. Whatever is retained in the pre-filter and main filter remains there, and does not contaminate either people in the vicinity or the treated condensate, which is discharged into the drain. 

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Öwamat, reliable and efficient condensate separation

The Öwamat is an oil-water separator for dispersed condensate. The efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable treatment of condensate is required by law. The Öwamat has been approved by the German authorities for the treatment of condensate from piston and screw compressors. The condensate treated with the Öwamat is therefore purified water that can be fed directly into the pipeline. Öwamat oil-water separators are available in 6 different sizes to cover all types of installations with or without pre-separation. It is an economical, low-cost and efficient solution.

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Beko Technologies, leader in condensate treatment

In 1982, Germany developed the first electronically controlled condensate drain. The revolutionary Bekomat was born. This invention not only solved one of the most important problems in compressed air treatment, but was also the first step on the road to success for a company that today is one of the world's leading companies in the fields of air, compressed gas and condensate treatment technology. Today, Beko is an innovative leader in its field and has built up a worldwide reputation over almost four decades. The company enjoys a leading position in compressed air, compressed gas and condensate technology. 

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