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Méca-Fluid is the official dealer of Boge compressed air products

For four generations BOGE has been developing, producing and planning first class compressed air systems in Germany. With excellent efficiency, maximum safety, directive flexibility and unmatched service, Boge Compressors meets the high demands of its customers in more than 120 countries.

In order to optimally adapt a compressed air system to individual requirements, there are numerous combinations and configuration variants available, regardless of the desired compression technology and size. From high-efficiency filters to aluminium piping systems, upstream controls and nitrogen generation, BOGE offers the perfect solution for every application.

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S-Series Screw Compressors

The BOGE S Series screw compressors are characterized by maximum reliability, high efficiency and ease of maintenance. Boge describes these rugged machines as the industry's backbone. The main advantages of this S-Series are: 

  • continuous, economical compressed air production
  • low energy costs due to high efficiency of operation
  • pleasantly quiet operation due to super-soundproof units 

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The company was founded in 1907

Originally established in Bielefeld, Germany in 1907, Boge is a company that specializes in the manufacture of compressors and compressed air equipment. With 111 years of experience, the company wants to perpetuate its original values while making them evolve with the times. Currently, their knowledge is shared in various types of companies such as automotive and commercial vehicle industries, mining, electrical and electronic industries, textile industries, food industries, ...

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