F&M Armaturen

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A partner of choice for your specific application

Thanks to an extensive product range, the industrial valves offered by F&M Armaturen range from standard and special industrial applications to water and wastewater technology. Thanks to its stock and our close cooperation, F&M Armaturen promises a fast and reliable delivery. With their expert team, we are able to find solutions for your special applications.

F&M Armaturen gate valves

F&M Armaturen gate valves are part of the company's reputation. These valves can be widely used in various applications. Designed for open-close applications, they are installed in a network as isolation valves and should not be used as control valves. They are ideal for installations requiring minimal pressure drop and full flow. Metal seated valves are required in certain markets such as drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and industrial applications.

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Permanently established in Germany

F&M Armaturen was founded in 1989 as a company of the Fromme Armaturen Group and sells quality valves in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards.  Located in Kircheim/Teck, Germany, F&M Armaturen has a large warehouse to ensure fast deliveries.

F&M Armaturen offers a quality service, and provides valves with complementary features to meet the standard and specific needs of the market.

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