Méca-Fluid is your official dealer of Gemü industrial valves

Gemü, one of the main German manufacturers

Méca-Fluid is the official dealer of Gemü industrial products, one of the main German manufacturers of measurement and control valve systems for liquids, vapors and gases.

Gemü is the world market leader in solutions for sterile processes. The company is committed to the environment and shares the belief that economic, environmental and social sustainability and integrity are the basis for success.

The Gemü 480 Victoria butterfly valve

The GEMÜ 487 Victoria Butterfly Valve with centered shaft and compressible seal can be used in industrial applications, in the chemical industry and in water exploitation and treatment. Centric and single eccentric designs are available as standard. For certain projects, double or triple eccentric shut-off valves are also available.

With suitable control components such as electrical position indicators and position and process controllers, Gemu butterfly valves can also be used in control circuits. Victoria butterfly valves are robust and of high quality for various fields of industry.

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The Gemü 675 Series diaphragm valve

The GEMÜ 675 2/2 way diaphragm valve is equipped with a metal hand wheel and is manually operated. An optical position indicator is integrated as standard. These valves have clear advantages for use in industry:

  • Suitable for abrasive and particle-laden media
  • Different lining materials are available for the most diverse media
  • Integrated optical position indicator as standard

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Gemü 800 Series Flowmeters

The GEMÜ 800 flowmeter operates on the ludion principle and has a transparent measuring tube. The ludion is lifted by the volume flow in a conical measuring tube until a balance between the weight of the measuring body and the force is reached due to the flow resistance. The higher the volume flow, the more the measuring body (ludion) is lifted.

The measuring scale printed on the measuring tube is adapted to the flow liquid. The dovetails molded on the tube facilitate the attachment of accessories such as: reading index, min and max position detectors, continuous measurement sensor.

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Gemü, founded in 1964

Thanks to its innovative products and specific customer solutions, Gemü is one of the world's leading addresses for process fluid control. The group is constantly growing and investing in the future of the company, which is still managed by the founder's family. This enhances the family feel even though the company is still growing.

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