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Goetze, the mastery of high performance pressure

The complete range of innovative and reliable high quality Goetze valves and safety valves covers all industrial applications. Valves manufactured by Goetze are available in brass or stainless steel, spheroidal graphite iron or bronze, depending on the application and the medium.

In addition, Goetze Armaturen offers many different types of fittings: threaded or flanged fittings in various sizes as well as special fittings according to specific customer requirements.

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Pressure Relief Valves Series 417

If the 617 series made of bronze and brass cannot be used due to an aggressive medium or environment, the new 417 series made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel offers this solution. The sealed, gas-tight design covers an even wider range of applications.

The valves can be conveniently adjusted or aligned using the external adjustment, which means that perfect alignment to the operating conditions of the system is possible. However, they can also be adjusted and sealed at the factory.

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The competence of Goetze KG Armaturen, in demand for 70 years

Their wealth of experience is as broad and varied as the fields of application of their high-performance fittings. Their well thought-out product family covers all industrial applications: liquids of all kinds, gases, technical vapors and steam. Goetze valves are used in temperatures ranging from -200°C to +400°C and the highest possible safety is a priority.

Proportional opening and closing control valves are particularly suitable for test benches, pump circuits or as a pressure retention or relief valve. They are generally used to protect a pump in a closed circuit from excessive pressure and overheating.

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