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Metal Work, a historical partner of Meca-Fluid

Metal Work is active on the world market of pneumatic components for more than 50 years and has the largest stock of pneumatic components in the Netherlands. The MetalWork team is composed of young and enthusiastic people who know their job.  The quality and efficiency of the products are the solid basis on which Metal Work is built today.

Skillair air treatment

The advanced technology of the Skillair FRL units is the result of the Metal Work Group's innovation strategy. This state of the art solution combines metal alloys and high strength technopolymers. 

FRL Skillair assemblies include some very interesting technical solutions. First of all, they are very compact. For the same flow rate, the Skillair elements currently have the smallest footprint on the market. Secondly, we can highlight their modularity. It is possible to install different elements such as filters, pressure regulators, lubricators, shut-off valves, soft starters and air intakes. Finally, the maintenance of these parts is made very easy because it is possible to dismantle one or several elements of the FRL set without intervening on the piping.

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The pneumatic distributors Series 70

These distributors, with proven reliability, are the traditional models of the Metal Work range. They are available in connection diameters from G1/8" to G1/2" in order to satisfy many uses. 

Thanks to the multiple mounting possibilities, in line, on the wall, on the cylinder (with a special bracket) or on a subbase (multiple or side-by-side), Series 70 valves are able to satisfy the most varied applications.

They are available in 4 different types of controls: manual, mechanical, pneumatic and electric.

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Push-in fittings

Metal Work push-in fittings are practical and quick to use. Pneumatic and mechanical tightness is ensured thanks to the stainless steel claw that holds the tube in position without deforming it. They can therefore be assembled and disassembled thousands of times.

The design of these fittings is characterized by the simplicity of the tube release phase, since by pressing the disassembly ring, the clamping spring opens completely, thus releasing the tube.

Some series offer advantages for more complex applications, such as the RL series, where the disassembly ring is equipped with screwdriver slots to facilitate release in applications inaccessible to fingers. Versions with a technopolymer body have mounting holes on the body for easy installation.

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A worldwide company

Founded in 1967, MetalWork began as a small workshop manufacturing push-in fittings for compressed air systems. Since then, the company has gradually expanded its structure and production range to become a market leader in pneumatic components for automation systems.

Product distribution and technical support are provided by 50 subsidiaries worldwide: they are in daily contact with official distributors, including Meca-Fluid, and the market to ensure a complete before and after sales service.

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