Link between SAP and MECAFLUID.EU

If your company currently uses SAP, you may be able to pass your orders on and therefore enjoy the many promotions we offer!


Since the creation of Meca-Fluid, our approach has always been to provide the best service to ALL our customers, with their different needs.

Whether you are part of multinationals, SMEs or family companies, we designed our website by making it accessible and meeting the needs of the greatest number. Therefore, we immediately integrated a PunchOut module that allows us to link our customers' SAP (or another application) to our website.

Shortly, how does it work ?

eProcurement, or online procurement, is a process allowing better management of purchases while reducing costs. This method is based in particular on the use of the Internet and aims to simplify the exchange of information between buyers and sellers.

The PunchOut module allows, for its part, to link the buyer's eProcurement directly to the seller's website. The customer, through his SAP interface, for example, connects to the seller's website with his own connection data. He may then browse the seller's site and fill his shopping cart. When the customer finishes his shopping and clicks on "Validate my cart", the shopping cart is automatically repatriated in his SAP interface. At this time, no order confirmation is sent to the seller. It is only when the customer validates his order in his SAP interface that it follows the usual purchase process of an order (validation by manager, email sent automatically to the supplier, etc.)


In large companies, user actions are more regulated and procedural than in smaller structures. This is why we developped this tool allowing our customers to benefit from the best services that we put at their disposal.

The benefits of this system are multiple:

  • provides precise information on our products (technical sheets, Méca-Fluid catalog pages, real-time stock, etc.);
  • provides a better experience for users;
  • allows you to associate your own references to our products;
  • access your preferential rate and benefit from additional reductions;
  • saves time by simplifying procedures;
  • allows purchasing control.


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