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Reflex Winkelmann, solutions for water pressure and quality

Reflex Winkelmann is one of the world's leading suppliers for the design and installation of hydraulic systems in the fields of building and supply technology.

Their goal? To promote the development of high-quality products, intelligent concepts and high-performance solutions for every installation, regardless of its size and complexity.

At a time when resource management is a major responsibility, Reflex stands for maximum efficiency, safety and longevity!

Reflex expansion tanks

The right pressure is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of your heating, solar and cooling systems as well as your pressure boosting systems. Diaphragm expansion tanks are the right solution in this respect. They work without electricity, compressors or pumps.

Their operation is extremely simple: Inside the tank, a membrane separates the water and the gas into two separate spaces, thus preventing the gas from diffusing into the water. The pressure maintenance stations are an extension of the traditional diaphragm expansion tanks with static pressure cushion. The principle is distinguished by the addition of a control unit, which makes it possible to adjust the volumes contained in the connected tank, and their extremely efficient operation. Impurities can significantly reduce the performance or service life of a heating system and require more frequent maintenance. Our solutions help to prevent this and ensure a perfect working condition.

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Reflex Winkelmann - the guarantee for quality

Decades of experience and the continuous improvement of their knowledge are the company's credo and allow them to provide high quality products.

The research and development teams attached to the various companies and sectors of the Winkelmann Group share their advances and create effective synergies to offer customers the best quality.

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