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SERTO fittings have been present and recognized for more than 60 years all over the world, in various sectors and applications. The convincing advantages of the unique radial system for assembly and disassembly continue to impress. With the most modern equipment, SERTO develops both simple connection unions and complex system solutions in its own laboratories and factories. In the course of time, a complete program of pipe components, valves, tubes, hoses and accessories has been built up for the transfer, distribution and control of all fluids.

The SERTO radial system is unique. Thanks to this design, the tube unions can be assembled and disassembled in the simplest way. This saves time and money, as all parts can also be reused for repeated assembly, if they are not damaged or deformed. In addition, the fittings can be easily installed even in the tightest of spaces.

Compression ring fittings

Serto stainless steel compression fittings are designed for aggressive media - air, gas and liquids - used in an aggressive environment, for example in the chemical or water purification industries. They can be mounted on plastic pipes or seamless stainless steel pipes with a clean and smooth surface. They are suitable for operating pressures from 40 to 250 bar and temperature ranges from -196°C to +500°C.

Among their advantages, we can note : 

  • their easy and quick assembly
  • high resistance to corrosion
  • compact dimensions
  • extensive range of products
  • multiple combination possibilities

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The first fittings developed in 1923

SERTO is not only known for its intelligent systems and wide range of products, but also for its extensive know-how, high availability, modern and well-equipped production facilities and advanced logistics systems. With a consistent customer orientation, SERTO takes care of planning, production and distribution and guarantees on-time delivery and first-class quality. 

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