Tierre Group

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Flexible and dynamic

The company is solid, flexible and dynamic, but with precise objectives. Thanks to these characteristics, Tierre Group has been able to adapt to the market evolutions, answering in a credible and quick way to the end-users' needs. The highly qualified technical team of the Tierre Group is able to offer products specially designed to the exact specifications of the customers. The company has diversified and is now able to plan, develop and distribute high performance solutions in many industries.

Tierre Group is a company of qualified and professional people, who are committed to providing the best performance and service to its customers. They also believe in quality investments and global consultation with their partners, such as Méca-Fluid, to form a lasting collaboration, which ultimately offers stability and continuity to the customer.

Stainless steel push-in fittings

Tierre Group has developed two series of stainless steel push-in fittings to meet two proven market needs: resistance to chemicals and aggressive products and ease of use in a food environment. 

The SX Series

The SX series of fittings offers many advantages for food applications, including

  • high chemical and corrosion resistance
  • strong and reliable for use in aggressive applications
  • all stainless steel construction
  • special green FKM seal, easily identifiable
  • suitable for contact with drinking water and food

The XVR Series

This range of stainless steel push-in fittings offers the following advantages

  • water hammer resistant
  • can be washed and disinfected with aggressive detergents
  • optimized design to minimize retention
  • suitable for permanent food contact applications
  • suitable for use in aggressive environments, even with saline solution

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A young and dynamic company

The Tierre Group is present on most of the European markets and is the partner of many worldwide players. Their products comply with the highest standards and are certified to European and international standards.

The company has gone beyond its traditional expertise in the distribution and supply of high quality products to become a leader also in the production of fittings. Through design, development and innovative and efficient solutions in different sectors, the Tierre Group responds every day to meet the specific and complex needs of customers.

The company values the people who work for it because enthusiastic and motivated collaborators put passion and heart into everything they do to achieve the best performance and set new standards.

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