Méca-Fluid and Méca-Fluid Lux at your service

We supply you the entire equipment, we manage and control any kind of projects for all types of fluid.

Our motto

Our expertise, Your solution !

Our offices, our stocks and our self-service store

We currently have three offices : Méca-Fluid srl located in the Barchon Industrial Estate in Liège province (Belgium), Méca-Fluid Vlaanderen located in Schoten in Antwerp province and Méca-Fluid Lux sarl located in the « In den Allern » Industrial Estate in Troivierges (Luxembourg).

In order to ensure maximum responsiveness to meet the emergency needs of our partners, we store more than 1.500 references in Barchon (BE) as well as in Troisvierges (LU). This equipment includes ball valves as well as actuators, cylinders, tubes and pipes, fittings or even mobile piston compressors.

To further increase our customer service, a self-service shop in Barchon has been available since June 2017 from 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday.

Our partners

After an in-depth customer satisfaction survey in 2021, we can affirm that every month we work with over 450 companies. Our close relationship with them has enabled us to increase our panel of partners by 10% a year since 2010.

This has given us the chance to employ 10 new people over the last 3 years and thus increase our capacity to respond to our customers' different requests.

In collaboration with high-quality suppliers and manufacturers 



Marc Leclercq creates Méca-Fluid SPRL. The head office was initially located in Bellaire. The initial activities are the production of automated assemblies and the trading of pneumatic equipment.


Méca-Fluid's growth is immediate and substantial, allowing Mr. Leclercq to expand his team and invest in human capital.


Méca-Fluid diversifies: the company adds industrial valves to its product range and moves from the spirit of designer to the spirit of industrial trader, including the management of stock, a commercial and technical team...


Méca-Fluid is growing and now has about ten employees. To cope with this major development, a new building is being built in the brand new industrial zone of Barchon. This is equipped with storage, assembly and office space.


Creation of Méca-Fluid Lux SARL, located in Troisvierges in the G.D. of Luxembourg: today, the main place of storage and shipment of goods.


For its 15th anniversary, Méca-Fluid has 15 employees. Its activity is now grouped into 3 complementary businesses:

  • the study and engineering of projects, and the trading of equipment;
  • designs, builds and repairs in the workshop;
  • installation and renovation of facilities, and on-site maintenance.


A pivotal year is coming: in order to get closer to its customers and expand its local service, Méca-Fluid opens a self-service store in Barchon and launches an e-commerce site. The company now has about twenty employees, which allows it to cope with its uninterrupted expansion for nearly 20 years.


Méca-Fluid and Méca-Fluid Lux are respectively 20 and 10 years old! The company is more than ever ready to renew new challenges thanks to:

  • the successful development of its internal sales team;
  • the interest of customers and the growing success of mecafluid.eu;
  • the reorganization of its technical department which now becomes the Technical Services and Solutions Department and which includes a Compressor Sizing, Installation and After-Sales Service.


Despite the Covid-19 health crisis, Méca-Fluid and its employees do not relax their efforts. It is also in the middle of this crisis that Méca-Fluid takes two major decisions:

  1. the hiring of two new external technical sales representatives in order to increase its proximity to its partners in Hainaut and Luxembourg;
  2. the opening of Méca-Fluid Vlaanderen, in Schoten, under the supervision of Claude Vandaele


As the company develops its human resources, Méca-Fluid has 30 employees in its ranks. As a result, the Barchon buildings where the self-service store, the offices and the workshop of the Technical Services and Solutions Department (TSSD) are located, are becoming too cramped.

This is why Méca-Fluid is buying a new storage hall located in the Industrial Zone of Petit-Rechain.

After a year of work, this hall will be able to accommodate the Méca-Fluid teams at the end of 2023. This building, equipped with brand new infrastructures and state-of-the-art equipment, will allow Méca-Fluid to continue its growth.

And it's not over ! Méca-Fluid is and will always be focused on the future with the ambition to maintain its expansion.